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Frequently asked questions

Where are your courses run? Usually, we run all our courses at your premises. We come to you, and would normally ask you to book a meeting room or training suite (should one be available) for the course.

Who else attends my course? We run our courses for you: therefore, only the people you invite attend.

When do courses take place? Courses take place by mutual arrangement. Because all courses are run on an individual basis, we do not set dates then try to sell spaces on them. If your need is very urgent, we can usually squeeze something in by rearranging one of our trainers' preparation days.

I do not want a standard course: what can you offer me? You can choose elements from standard course profiles to suit your own personal requirements. You can even mix elements from different packages, or explore combinations of packages (for example, Excel extracting data from an Access database).

How much will my course cost? Costs depend on the exact course, but are per course, not per person, so training becomes very cost effective with more candidates. Please ask us for a quotation.

How many people can attend? We normally do not train more than 6 people at once, since individual delegates do not get enough attention for the intensive pace at which we work. For one person, we can cover much more material - see accelerated training.

What does your service include? We provide manuals in electronic form for you to view or print as you wish. Post-course evaluations are conducted, which can be made available to you. We provide certificates for all delegates, and offer post-course telephone and email support.

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