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Introduction to Microsoft Excel

This is a two-day introductory course for people who have little or no knowledge of spreadsheets and wish to gain a thorough understanding of the main features. Delegates should be familiar with the Windows operating system and be able to use a mouse and keyboard. The course can be run using Excel 2010, 2007, XP, or 2000, and will be adapted to make the most of the features available in the software used.


  • Understanding the principles of a Worksheet and Workbook
  • Creating and editing, saving and retrieving spreadsheets
  • Copying and moving data
  • Constructing formulae and using functions
  • Formatting text and numbers
  • Printing, including page set-up and creating headers and footers
  • Creating graphs
  • Using drawing tools
  • Sorting and selecting database records
  • Using absolute cells references and logical formulae